Installation, Alliance Francaise, Addis Abbeba


Used, worn clothes. dusted with chalk, hanging in a circle from different umbrellas, some "up side down". There is a constant soft movement - no stop. Although somehow the objects seem to stand still in time.

Clothes, without a person who wears them. Chalk: Stone in opposed conditions. Light and dusty to thick and heavy, dry and liquid. The umbrella, which carries a distinct meaning in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.

The sculpture "LA DANSE" examines the transcendental character of the dance.
While dance usually is associated with joy, the figures in this sculpture seem to be caught in a perpetual circle. The lightness is countered/ crossed by heaviness.
The romantic, exotic symbolism of the dance, borrowed from the famous french painter Henri Matisse, is a confrontation of the heaviness of reality. The possibility for change exists, but also the possibility to be captured, stuck, in the moment.

 For this sculpture the artist Philip Metz collaborated with local artist Tewodros Bekele, who contributed his ideas and technique, using recycled materials.

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