ANSICHTSSACHE (point of view),  2011

Installation, 6m x 6m x 2,50m

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point of view 

a circle draws a significant line between the outside and the inside.

It refers to inclusion and exclusion - being inside or outside of the circle.

In this work, a circle is built from wooden screens used to hang pictures,

yet in this case there are no pictures- only white walls- and the screens are arranged in a circle.

The piece speaks about in/ex-clusion in art and culture.

Regardless of where one stands one sees the same,

as if always having the same point of view. Even the inclusion cuts one off from the rest of the world.

The walls were built as exhibition screens in the village of the Black Forest from which I come.

i found them amazing (find a more articulate word than amazing… maybe 'intriguing'?) as objects themselves-

when i visit the village I often must discuss my definition of art versus that of the people of the village.

I suppose this is typical of small towns.